Magritte Cake Toppers
I am very excited and rather disorganisedly announcing… Forages & Finds’ one year and 100 posts anniversary! … Which was in fact last month, but since I was away for so much of July and wanted to do something Extra-Special for my readers, I thought I’d save it up. I’m not really one to celebrate things on the right day. I just like to celebrate, generally, when it suits me. Hehe!
So as a little special treat, I have made these lovely and unique cake-toppers, in the style of Magritte’s surreal paintings! The reason being, I’m supposed to be researching my Magritte-themed dissertation at the moment, but instead I thought I’d rebel and do something much sillier. Are you familiar with his bowler hats, apples, and nonsense?
Magritte Cake Toppers

Magritte Cake Toppers
I say nonsense, really it’s all very deep art theory stuff. These aren’t. These cake-toppers are just good fun. The set includes seven cake-toppers identical to the ones at the top of this post: an apple, a floating island, a cloud, a bowler hat, an umbrella, a “ceci n’est pas un gateau” flag, and a pipe (which of course, isn’t a pipe…).
To enter:
To be in with a chance of having this hand-designed and unique set sent to you, just leave me a comment and say hello! It’s nice to hear from my readers! You can also have a second entry if you become a “follower” of Forages & Finds, and leave a separate comment mentioning this.
The competition will run for the next week, I’ll draw entries next Monday (22nd).
To display my collection of cake-toppers, I made Lemon & Poppyseed Cupcakes, with sky-blue icing and little white chocolate clouds, just to make them a little more dreamy.
If these are popular, I could make different sets of cake toppers to sell on Etsy. What do you think? The art theme is a bit random, but there are so many possibilities!
Good luck πŸ™‚
Lemon and Poppy Seed Cupcakes
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