2015 goalsΒ Admittedly, by the 2nd January many may already have made plans and resolutions for 2015. However, I personally find that the end of December and NYE are so busy and sociable that I don’t properly sit down to think and organise before the New Year actually starts. And the 1st Jan hardly counts… it’s a bank holiday, an emotional and physical hang-over recovery pause, the principal goal of which is generally to steady oneself slightly after the intenseΒ hopes and reflections of the night before. Having shortly arrived home to a chronically messy room and a mind whirring with what-to-do-next thoughts, I lost myself with pen and paper for a while – a tried-and-tested solution to recalibrate.

There are lots of great free resources around the internet for planning & goal-setting, but I had quite a specific idea of what I wanted to draw. If anyone else shares my start-of-the year organisational aspirations, feel free to print yourself a copy!

2015 Printable Resolution & Goal Planner















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