Kendalls Of Earlsdon (Coventry) Saturday morning, locked out of my friend’s house by mistake- where do I go? Kendall’s. That’s also where the rest of Earlsdon go on a Saturday morning, because it holds a reliably good selection of coffees as well as an interesting selection of biscuits, cheeses, olives, teas, chutneys + specialist foods. Big windows, wooden tables, cheerful blue chairs, friendly staff + blankets outside so you can snuggle into a chair when you have the dog after a sunny weekend walk. This place gets Truffle’s paw of approval! Also get a large cappuccino – it’s a GIANT!

La Croissanterie (Oxford) Yelp It’s not the best quality café in Oxford nor the trendiest. But I have more than once found myself gravitating towards La Croissanterie, & not solely because it sits next to the Chipping Norton bus stop. For one thing you can get a tea & ham + cheese croissant for £3. For another, the panache of the Italian employee as he whisks around between customers + carefully prepared coffees makes me smile. Sure, the croissants aren’t the freshest in Oxford, but sometimes you just want to find a place where cheap sustenance is not incompatible with rustic wooden window seats looking out onto busy Oxford streets. And I’m never the only person simultaneously sipping a hot brew there & staring thoughtfully out or scribbling with a biro onto a tattered notebook for a quick pit stop, before rejoining that busy world.

Porschen4 porschen5Peggy Porschen, Victoria (London) I know what you’re thinking… PINK & CUPCAKES, this does not imply convenience or much appeal to the current hipster coffee climate! However when I turned up horrendously early as ever to catch my coach from Victoria Station on a hot day last summer I was so glad of this blissful haven just around the corner. It provides a good selection of teas and some exciting classy cupcakes, with outdoor seating for people watchers like myself. Sometimes a splash of pricey pinkness is what you need to brighten up your day! Porschen (2)

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