RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) HQ, Portland Place (London) link On sunny, busy trips to London I tend to long for a moment of peacefulness and drift away from the crowds & towards the parks. Just off the edge of Regent’s Park and before reaching the throngs of Oxford Street are the RIBA headquarters, in which a quiet bright space, situated next to a bookshop replete with architectural hardbacks and sketchy conceptual volumes, emits clinks and murmurs over coffee and breakfast. I picked up a free magazine on office block design which I decided would make a good scrapbook, and had a breakfast tea before  embarking on my long day in the big city.


Bully’s Bakery,  Neukölln (Berlin) link Berlin barely needs recommendations when it comes to café culture… just go there and walk down a street and you’re sure to stumble across good coffee and a quirky interior. In fact, it seems that photos are not encouraged and many of the cafés have no sign of branding or even a name – it’s all about word-of-mouth and an anti-virtual vibe. However, I couldn’t resist snapping and mentioning my friend’s favourite bakery “Bully’s”… if only for the melt-in-the-mouth chocolate fondants that they provide, and the bread-kneading instructions painted onto the wall. (*The top-right picture is from a street-food market – I just liked it. My blog, my rules.)


Modern Art Oxford Café (Oxford) link Back in the Cotswolds, I was wandering through Oxford’s side-streets looking for charity shops and it occurred to me that, since I tend to overlook the museums and tourist sites of my home-area, I should give Modern Art Oxford a visit. Their café turned out to be surprisingly stocked with interesting food – fresh filled croissants, stuffed vegetables and plump quiche slices. A good stop for funky teapots, cool interiors and an interesting gift shop, and Mac-spotting of course… 😉

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