Dorset Camping 2012

Choose your campsite carefully!
The difference between an empty field with a portaloo and a family-filled site with a magnificent view & clean toilet/shower blocks absolutely makes your holiday. You won’t go wrong with the “Cool Camping” book & website… the sites they have rounded-up all have something truly special about them!

Dorset Camping 2012

This weekend we went to Downshay Farm in Dorset:ΒΒ It had stunning views across Dorset including Corfe Castle, a steam-train within walking distance, great facilities and a friendly owner.

Dorset Camping 2012

Minimum Cooking Stuff for Two
Gas burner (& spare canister), 2 bowl-plates, knife-fork-spoon each, 2 thermos mugs, set of fold-up pans (likeΒ this), a plasic container which doubles as washing-up bowl, camping kettle, sharp knife, spatula, thermos for picnics, something to fetch water in (could use thermos), small cool-bag & freezer blocks. This is pretty much all you need! Although my mini-grater (actually a chocolate grater for latte’s) is pretty awesome too.

Dorset Camping 2012

Snuggle Equipment
If you don’t have decent sleeping kit, you won’t enjoy camping. There are two priorities, firstly be comfy… airbeds are not expensive, fold down to very small & make big squidgy comfy beds. Secondly, be warm!! If you can fit a small extra blanket, it’s always appreciated, and take hoodies for sleeping in. And don’t forget a pillow! I also take rugs to put on the floor of the tent where you sit & eat, it makes it much more cosy and can be used for picnics.

Dorset Camping 2012
(cream teas are the only medication I really need!)

Make room for medicines…
Plasters are a must. Last time I broke a jar and cut my finger. Plus they can probably mend small holes in things (though not big enough for the airbed that I actually POPPED this weekend, haha!).
Anti-allergy tablets. I’m allergic to dust. My boyfriend gets hayfever. These pills are a must if anyone wants to get some sleep.
Nurofen. Because this solves everything in my world.

Camping Food

Plan your food carefully
You need a few basics such as teabags, biscuits, milk, bread, something tinned (like beans) in case everything else goes wrong & you desperately need backup (!), home-made cake, coffee, etc. I’m planning a separate post about some meal ideas for camping, but it’s always a good idea to prepare your first meal before you leave & just heat it up when you get there. If you’ve pitched your tent in the dark, you’ll appreciate this!

Good cooking for camping

Last year I put up my favourite camping treat recipes to prepare before you go: brownies and flapjacks! Find them here. More recipes next time πŸ™‚

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