Cocktail CakeCocktail Cake, from above

What better way can I think to spend my holidays than making crazy cakes? Well, I can think of one. Making films of making cakes. During the making of this ‘Cocktail Cake’ (for my friend Elaine’s 20th birthday) my brother set up a camera which filmed the process and he is currently working on speeding it up to make a time-lapse style animation of it coming together. I was going to wait to share the cake until the film is done, but unfortunately the uncooperative nature of my laptop when it comes to working with anything over a couple of megabytes these days is stalling it slightly. Can’t wait until it is finished! Until then, enjoy the cake – the fruit is entirely make of icing and the cake was a chocolate and coffee creation. I say was… I don’t think there’s much left now!

Cocktail Cake, close up of icing fruit
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