Journal Pages - Blue Obsession
Journal Pages - Blue Obsession

Here are a couple of pages ripped (in a purely electronic sense) from my journal. I love these pages, they really express something, and they’re purely me – as opposed to inspired by, though still influenced by, the ‘Red Velvet Art‘ journalling course.

Blue is not a colour I’ve ever been very interested in before. Whether clothing or paint I usually reach for fresh greens and yellows. I’m not entirely sure what has brought blues and whites to my attention recently but I think it may be the idea of the seaside… which I am in love with, live a long way from and therefore associate with escape, pleasure, romance and the intense, reviving sea wind. And fish and chips of course. Skimming stones. Sandy toes. Escape.

On the same wavelength (.. what is the phrase i’m looking for? hmm).. paid the first month’s house rent yesterday and can officially start living there from September… that’s 6 days!! Probably won’t properly move in ’til nearer October, but am planning to have a nice colour scheme to my room this year, based on these coastal blues and whites. And finally, my favourite ‘blue’ song. There’s something so enchanting about melancholy once in a while, don’t you think?

Dido – Thank you

Blues, Brittany, Beaches
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