Having a bit of a slow Sunday morning today after a long week of essays, with just a slight twinge in my stomach reminding me of a fun night out yesterday. But it seems that the more I work, the more I cook – perhaps a form of procrastination or I like to think of it as essential mental recharging time. So what better comfort than to find the other half of my celeriac soup, and a plate of home-made lemon meringue pie in the fridge! Yes, I did just want to gloat really. MMmmmmmMMMmmmmm……
Wait, what’s that I hear you say? A celery-what? Perhaps you already know about the humble celeriac, but if you don’t let me introduce you…
“It looks like a brain!!!” shouted my housemate. But it smells like celery! And I will be honest, after complaining that Coventry Tescos no longer sell it my mum’s friends started teasing me because to be fair I’m a pretty pretentious excuse for a student these days! But luckily for me we have a fantastic proper greengrocers down the road and I noticed a shelf of these this week. I will add that, though this does nothing to counter pretentiousness, my only experience of eating at Daylesford Organic Farm was celeriac soup… and it was amazing.
So the point is, I have always wanted to repeat this souper revelatory experience. And surprisingly it’s the easiest soup ever with just a couple of leeks, garlic, potato and onion shoved in a pan. Because the taste is surprisingly very sophisticated! Warming, sweet and a little nutty. Well you know what they say, you are what you eat…. :-S
Anyway, it’s time to bombard you with pictures of the things I have been making, many of which have been with friends, over the past couple of weeks. In fact, now I look at my camera card, there’s rather a lot!
Firstly, the lemon meringue pies – topped with Italian meringue: and the first time I have used my sugar thermometer! Success! Also, this type of meringue doesn’t need cooking, which considering the oven here is a plus. Mind you, I say no cooking, but I did have a bit of an accident…
Look… it was late, all I wanted to do was crisp the tops of the meringue in the grill and you leave it for about 20 seconds too long, and I was a bit distracted doing the washing up, and suddenly there’s all this smoke coming out of the grill… So I just calmly and collectedly sliced off the tops, piped some more on, and grilled then again. And then burned them all over again!!!!! So the final product after, third time lucky, they were cooked to perfection, unfortunately the tops were a bit of a mess. Never mind.
After going a bit mad with my clubcard vouchers last week, I had rather a lot of cans of random beans in the cupboard. These bean burgers, which mainly involve mashing a few ingredients up in a bowl and then covering them with breadcrumbs, are delicious (though they need more spice in my opinion) and with tomato ketchup with a generous addition of chilli from my hot chilli grinder is the best way to eat them.
I wish I had a better picture of this, but this was something that really didn’t last long! My first ever battenburg. Yum.
At the weekend, I like to make a bit of a different breakfast, after getting bored of toast and muesli (yes, I’m still eating muesli – on box #3 now). This is eggs benedict (with hollandaise sauce), which I have never had before and have been desperate to find an excuse to make for a while. The thought of it now is making my mouth water, but unfortunately you need to make quite a lot in one go, and the sauce doesn’t keep.
Next, North African Chicken Tagine with couscous. They had a whole free range chicken reduced in Tesco, and I couldn’t help myself. Except, I sort of had to cook the whole chicken as it was on its use-by date, so I had to make it in two batches, and our oven is frustratingly slow at cooking. So you know what I did with the second batch? I forgot about it, yes. But at the same time, I now know that cooked for 3 hours instead of 40 minutes or something doesn’t really affect it too much!
And FINALLY ….. my ‘bad day biscuits’ from my biscuit and cookie bible! These are delicious honey creams, but there is one big problem with them: you will eat them all in one go. Try and prove otherwise. πŸ™‚
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