Leek and Potato Soup

I have an admission to make – I don’t make amazing food every day.
I know. How could I?
But my diet over the last few stressful days has consisted significantly of scrambled eggs on toast, fish and chips and today, Heinz ravioli. So there’s the proof that I’m actually just a normal student!

But mixed in with reading, rushing, and writing there has been some stewing – and not just me in a bad temper, but some good old winter vegetables and hearty soups. As I mentioned before, one of my favourite things about winter is the food.. and soup comes very high up on the list! One of my hits came about last year when I had nothing but a kilo of carrots and a can of coconut milk left in the kitchen, so I tapped them into the BBC Good Food website and it came up with this lightly spiced carrot soup recipe, which I love for its hints of lots of different flavours – chilli, garlic, coconut… topped with crΓ¨me fraiche, my weakness. πŸ˜‰

Conversely, when I asked what everyone in my house’s preferred soup would be, for me to make a big batch, the answer was another of my favourites: simple, honest leek and potato soup. The cashier’s face at the Co-op was one of bemusement when I piled the leeks onto the conveyor belt and asked how much they weighed… but the soup fed four of us, and provided me with lunch for the next couple of days. Oh, and don’t forget garlic and herb croutons made with some cheap rolls.

Today, after my bowl of ravioli, I decided I needed a little cooking therapy so I’m currently making more sablΓ© biscuits, as I want to achieve the swirly effect on larger biscuits than the ones I made for the Societies fair! (I’ll add a picture when they’re done) So much of the cooking I do is more of a therapeutic activity, I’m tempted to make a little cookery book with recipes for different moods… so many possibilities! Leek and potato soup would come under “The feeling you get after cycling back the long way, after a day full of lessons you don’t understand, which you didn’t do the work for”. Or something like that.

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