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Everyone adores this pudding. My brother, a self-confessed not-a-pudding-person, loves it; boyfriend is demanding the recipe; my mum & her friend helped us to get through the entire first loaf of it on Saturday evening; and even strangers on facebook have started asking for the recipe, upon seeing a photo my little gleeful face putting them into the fantastic oven in our new kitchen! So I think it’s about time to share the love. After all, as much as I like being the magical maker of the yummiest English pudding of all, the recipe is actually dead simple. Thanks to Delia, of course.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

I did two things a little differently to usual with this recipe though, both of which are successful variations. Firstly, instead of using little individual pots to cook the pudding in, which is slightly annoying as we don’t have any decently shaped ones/the right sizes & quantities of them, I instead baked them in loaf tins, stealing a couple of my mum’s loaf liners in the process. Much easier. And more practical – you just slice off how much you like! As long as there’s still a bit for me of course…


The other thing I did was to vary the sauce a bit. This wasn’t entirely intentional, as I love Delia’s Pecan Toffee Sauce! I texted my mum to get some pecans when she was out, and when she got back she told me that she hadn’t had time to go to Tesco so instead had gone to the farm-shop at the end of the road. And had, at very great expense, apparently bought my pecans. So I ended up with a very large, extremely pricey bag of organic…. pistachios. Oops! No wonder they were expensive! But never fear, as pistachios make an excellent alternative it turns out! Plus I made something else with these luxurious nuts, to match their value, and I will post it this week too. Well, I told you I’d do a lot of baking when I got home!

Find the recipe here: Delia Online | Little Sticky Toffee Puddings with Pecan Toffee Sauce

(the boys up to no good! Unfortunately Truffle was not allowed Sticky Toffee Pudding. Sorry Truffle!)
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