Henry & Co. and I have created another time-lapse film! Following the massive success of my AmΓ©lie-inspired ‘Cake in 6 Minutes‘ from last year I got Henry & Seb together to film the making of the wonderful “Croquembouche” from the party, as we put it together using hot caramel. The pudding was inspired by Raymond Blanc’s hilarious but incredible demonstration, which I saw earlier this year while procrastinating from my exam revision, which you can see here. This was also my first time making caramel! The film has some hilarious details, making me laugh more and more as I watch Henry & Seb nomming down profiteroles whenever my back is turned…

So, I go to France tomorrow. Life becomes hectic x 1000. And exciting x 1,000,000.
I will try and update as much as possible. But for now, this is my leaving gift. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

French SoirΓ©e Sept '11
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