Silly Moose
Wanted to share with you a little bit of fun from my journal. I’ve been enjoying doing art so much recently that despite finishing my exhibition piece, I just couldn’t stop! It’s really nice to pick up my journal again after a year of barely touching it (partly due to trying to keep up a blog instead). There is simply no question: art is therapeutic. Both creating it and looking at what you have done. This is from my little dreamy world where I have a moose costume.
Apparently these really exist – for babies though. How cute!

The moose-costume drawing was inspired by this lovely picture of a child in fox’s costume from Etsy.
Today has been hectic – my first trip out busking of the year, which was short and sweet as went to see a new house this afternoon (which, incidentally, we decided we didn’t like – should have carried on busking!). It felt great to be playing music again, such a breath of fresh air. I have a hundred and one stories from busking and tips too, which I intend to share some day this summer! Today simply started with a cup of tea in my favourite arts centre, the Brewery Arts Cafe (Cirencester)
… Which was described this way by ‘Mimi age 7’ which is rather cute too! I love the way the person on the right is saying ‘yum’ and yet they’re tiny compared to the teapot and mug. Sometimes I wish I could get back into a child-like mindset about drawing! Fear holds us back so much as adults, childrens’ drawings are so free!
(this is just a quick picture from my phone, so its not the best sorry!)
On the way home from the house-viewing, we took a detour through the Farmington Ice Cream farm, which operates a self-service system which made me chuckle! Such a typical countryside gem. Though there was someone there to greet us and tell us how to pay, and I think they’re opening at the weekends for teas and a picnic area through the summer months. The ice-cream is delicious….
A sweet day, though tomorrow I expect to be even sweeter working at Sweet Berries Patisserie for the bank holiday weekend! Which will make a nice break from academia/university-world. Can’t wait to see what cakes I come home with…. but my main aim is to figure out how to get tourists from the hectic centre of Bourton to come down the road to where the patisserie-cafe is. I think I will be bothering people with leaflets. Watch out if you’re in Bourton tomorrow!
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