A few of my  favourites from Art in Action (Oxford, 2010)

Today I went to an event in Oxford that I’ve been wanting to go to for the last two years, and it certainly lived up to its reputation! “Art in Action”, just outside Oxford, has a small festival atmosphere with artists exhibiting and demonstrating their work – from painting, to metalwork, to textiles! A little heaven if you’re looking for inspiration, though a little overwhelming after a while…

It makes me miss art quite a lot – I did my art foundation year and am now studying French and History of Art at Warwick university. It’s frustrating going around and thinking, ooh yes I could develop a project based on Matisse-style painting… or found textiles… or sculpture… before remembering that I actually need to read Simone de Beauvoir’s Le Deuxième Sexe Vol. 1 before the end of September.

Yet when I was art college, I found the discouragement of more craft-based activities really irritating, and if you even ventured near something such as quilting (I made a quilt based on the buildings of Berlin after a trip there) they began to turn their noses up.

My solution: well, of course to set up my own fabulous business doing… something! Last year I made aprons from recycled skirts. This year I have run chocolate-making workshops and sold cakes/elderflower champagne at a country fair. I have other ideas – I’d like to repaint and revamp old chairs and second-hand objects and sell them. A bit like this, ideally:


At the moment, I’m thinking of doing some illustration and designing some cards to sell on Zazzle – but as I said before, my people illustrations need some work.Finally, my big business dream and one that I was united with at the Art in Action day is this:

Piaggio Ape 50, Café at Art in Action (Oxford, 2010)Me outside a Piaggio Van Café!

A piaggio van transformed into a cafe! Since in a year’s time I will be taking a year out to live and work in France, I need to come up with something fabulous to do. Here’s the plan: Buy a piaggio van, convert to ‘Café’ van with a coffee machine in the back, find a sponsor, put their name on the side, travel around France selling coffees, blogging and writing a weekly article for a newspaper (with an illustration) and afterwards, write a book based on the experience, get famous, have a film made about it, etc.

Hmm. I might start with the card range first.

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