Glastonbury's Arcadia - Journal page

Roooaaaarrrrrrrrrr… I never thought that I’d fall in love with a giant spider made from junk metal (including old jet engines) but then you never know what is around the next corner in life – especially if you’re at Glastonbury festival! This was just too awe-inspiring for words so i was hoping instead to express my awe and excitement with a painting in my art journal… though I have to admit, the spider in my drawing looks a little more worried, or surprised or something, than its real life counterpart. Perhaps that says something about its creator…

I had this great idea that I’d share with this post some of my favourite creative music videos, since I always find music so uplifting, but now that I’m in a hurry to go out to a band practise my mind has gone blank. Here are a couple of artsy creations, please link me to your recommendations!

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