I once wrote a post called ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemon curd‘, so it only seems appropriate to use said lemon curd (which incidentally has been hanging around in the fridge for ages, because who ever uses lemon curd?) on some biscuits which I have entitled “bad day biscuits”. Refer to that post for an easy & decent lemon curd recipe. Also, just make lemon curd more… and once you’ve made it, don’t leave it in the fridge: eat it. I always forget how good it is. My grandma doesn’t – she requests it whenever I visit!


I wasn’t particularly having a bad day when I made these – I just think umbrellas are cute, and it’s just a little reminder that baking is always a great way to de-stress if you’re mildly discombobulated. Also they remind me of Magritte, of whom I am a fan, so I ordered myself a biscuit cutter. That’s right, I ordered a specific type of biscuit cutter, and nothing else. I am a baking geek. This is not news so… moving on.


Incidentally, these biscuits hook onto a mug really well! What a fantastic discovery. This is a very basic biscuit recipe – 250g plain flour with 175g butter rubbed in to make breadcrumb-like consistency, 100g caster sugar mixed through, 1 egg yolk to bring things together (I find a knife helpful to do this so you don’t overwork the dough). Rest in the fridge for half an hour, before rolling out, cutting (don’t make them too thin) and baking for 10-14 mins at 180 centigrade.


Chocolate sprinkles and lemon curd make a great combination to finish, if a little messy, but as ever it’s just based on what I found in the cupboards today. In fact, I found copious quantities of writing icing in the cupboards too, so I had some fun afterwards going a bit crazy on the decoration front.


So on heading out to enjoy the sunny afternoon afterwards only to find that my car would break down half way, at least I had a tin of biscuits with me.

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