So with easily the biggest challenge I had set myself this year so far, I set to work on Friday preparing all the tart & éclair cases, ready for Saturday’s farmer’s market. Suddenly, somewhere around 8 in the evening (I started cooking at about 2pm) my dad appeared with his video camera! So for once I kindly obliged, slightly manic & hyper as I was… and thanks to him you can see me mid-preparation! I went on until about midnight, getting up at 5.45am to fill the pastry with all of the finishing touches on Saturday (pastry creams, fresh fruit, and fillings that I had prepared and refrigerated overnight)… since they would be freshest put together on the day. Luckily there’s no video of me at that point!
I had my doubts at this point whether I wasn’t just completely crazy, and whether my family and friends weren’t simply humouring my baking obsession… I will share the results in my next post. But don’t worry… the end result is worth waiting for ! 🙂
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