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I have a little streak of Monica in me. I like things to be tidy. Especially when I’m rushing between home & friends houses, not unpacking properly & just throwing things on the floor, then waking up with things to do and it’s all in a mess. So yesterday I started to tackle it, while listening to Radio 4 and in between organising things for my holiday. And afterwards my mind feels clearer, I can sit down at my desk and start things and just relax a little better. It’s my guilty pleasure!

Room Organisation

 It was also great to get around to putting a few favourite things on the walls! Like my newly painted makeup cabinet and a sweet photo montage my friends Holly & Elaine made me!

Room Organisation

 I also had time to bake before the weekend. Except guess what? There’s not much left to photograph! Which is unusual in my house of totally not hardcore cake eaters! But these fudge bars went down a treat, so I’ll share the recipe…

 Fudge Nut Bars

Biscuit: 150g butter 250g plain flour 75g caster sugar
Topping: 150g chocolate 40g butter 400g can condensed milk 50g chopped nuts (such as pecans)

Blend the butter & flour to breadcrumb consistency.
And sugar and blend again until it forms a dough.
Spread mixture into a greased or lined tin (I rolled it out first) and bake 35 to 40 mins at 160c/325f.

For the topping, put the chocolate, butter & condensed milk in a large pan and melt. Then increase the heat & cook for 3-5 minutes until it starts to thicken. Add chopped nuts & pour mixture over the biscuit base, spreading evenly. Leave to cool then chill for a couple of hours.

A few other preparations for the rest of the week in Edinburgh….

Cheesy Scones
Room Organisation

Packing (sunglasses… I’m optimistic!) and Pizza recipes, ready for the cooking lesson I’m giving this afternoon first! See you in a few days!
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