Baking has long been one of the very few activities in which I can find myself so absorbed that my tea goes cold without my noticing. I feel that this is a highly significant fact in my life.

On a similar note, I was sitting in the back of my Morris the other day, in the garage, listening to Woman’s Hour and doing some work on the inside of the panels. Sort of like in the picture below, but minus the doors…IMG_5085And I caught myself wondering what the time was, and hoping that it wasn’t lunchtime yet. Partly because there was much I wanted to do that day, and partly because I was enjoying myself too much and I frequently wish my days working on the coffee car were longer. It made me wonder when the last time was that I willed the clock to slow down, for the days to stretch further, and accidentally let my tea go cold while working.exhibition_theatreMy dad has also been working on a big project recently… his latest exhibition, which is step out of his usual comfort zone. This exhibition celebrates Chris Fothergill‘s year as ‘Artist in Residence’ at Chipping Norton Theatre… and has gone down a storm since it opened a few days ago!1980050_743415375692688_1737710859_oMake sure you pop into the theatre art gallery upstairs if you’re passing by. My snaps do not do the exhibition justice, but his concertina sketchbook unfolded around two lengths of the gallery walls is well worth seeing even aside from the paintings!exhibition_theatre2 Between all these big projects we need tea and cake of course, and a guaranteed Fothergill family pleaser is the battenburg. The sad part of this story is that sometime between my little photo-shoot of two large 6-way battenburgs in different flavours, and my putting the memory card in my computer the next day, my photos disappeared for no apparent reason. And sadly by this time the battenburgs had been mostly demolished. battenburg2So I decided to share some project updates with you instead, as well as a couple of snaps of the last chunk – this one was a chocolate & vanilla battenburg (with butter icing instead of jam holding it together). I guess I’ll just have to make more.

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