Truffle and her troupe

It has just hit me that I’ve only got two more weeks before going back to uni! This means I really need to get a move on with the website, I need to finish my creative projects for my new bedroom, and think about packing, buying books and stationery and adjusting to a different way of life again. One thing I’ll be missing is a certain creature that follows me around and wants constant attention and cuddles – Truffle the dog. I have a little silly video to share, of when she decided she wanted to join in when I was drying my hair the other morning. The picture above the video is Truffle in her dogbox with her many toys, posed by my dad and me for a funny picture!

Also, you may have wondered about the fact that I haven’t mentioned busking in a while. Well here is what happened to my busking spot, that I had been using in Cirencester for the past year and a half:

Ex-Woolworths in Cirencester. Also my ex-busking place.

Sad! And the noise coming from ‘Bath demolition company’ as it says on the sign means that busking on that street at all is no longer possible. I’m really going to miss music at uni too, and I really want to find access to a piano since I have so enjoyed playing a lot recently. I’m wondering whether our landlady would agree to a piano in the sitting room…
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