Over the past couple of weeks, during the revision for my module on British Art of the 1930s, I collected together a few photographs which I found inspiring. There’s nothing like really seeing into the period you’re studying, which I suppose is the reason why I love art history so much! These are like behind-the-scenes photographs to my module, which included so many movements from Surrealism, war memorials, and abstract art to modernist architecture. If this period interests you I would highly recommend Juliet Gardiner’s The Thirties: An Intimate History – I only got to half way through (this 800-page volume!!) but it’s very readable and I’m looking forward to finishing it! And no, I’m not getting nostalgic and forgetting how tough this year has been… but I’ve been so lucky to have enjoyed this module, and many of my other modules, so much, which made the revision period a tiny bit more manageable. I especially love the Wadsworth mural… I certainly have a list of places to (re)visit sometime: The De La Warr Pavilion, Stanley Spencer’s memorial chapel at Burghclere, the Imperial War museum… and am planning to join the National Trust, which offers a £20 membership for the under-25s. And, uh, finishing uni has made me realise that’s not so far away… Anyways, enough of the end-of-exams anxiety, there’s plenty of that around. Enjoy these inspiring images!

captain cook penrose

Roland Penrose, The Last Voyage of Captain Cook, 1936–67 (with the artist at home, late 1970s)

Stanley Spencer
 Photograph of Stanley Spencer

penguin pool

Tecton Group’s, Penguin Pool at London Zoo, 1933-4
William Coldstream (Bolton) by Humphrey Spender, 1938
 Mural in tea lounge of De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea, Edward Wadsworth, 1936

The Pitmen Painters/Ashington Art Group,  Humphrey Spender, 1938
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