bumblehogbumblehog2I’m at sort of an in-between stage with life right now… I have project ideas, a job on the go for another couple of months, but not quite sure where I’m heading with it all yet. At such times of planning and getting on with various tasks I’ve been putting off, a to-do list is such a useful asset. I always have a list pinned to my noticeboard, between the pages of my pukka pad, on the backs of receipts, in notepad files… And I always feel good about ticking off the tasks and reviewing how much I’ve done at the end of it!

Last month I made a (very silly!) “Bigger than a cake, smaller than a hedgehog” illustrated to-do list for you to download. Since I’m not too full of new projects right now, I thought I’d share a “September” version. It’s called “Delivery from the Bumblehog”. I will leave no further explanation except for the fact that as a family we’re very much enjoying nightly visits from ‘Boris’ our resident hedgehog, eating his tea while we watch from the living room window! Life’s all about the simple pleasures.

Download Bumblehog To-Do ListΒ (to print).

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