So on or around New Years Day, I finally got around to decorating the Christmas cake. Well, it beats writing essays doesn’t it? I have to confess it’s not my own design, I saw it in my BBC Good Food magazine and thought they were soo cute! The idea of using cloves for feet is what did it for me. In fact, I’m convinced that the person who designed this cakes started out with the idea of using cloves as bird feet. They’re so perfect!


Speaking of little feet, I woke up to a muddy surprise this morning (also known as… Truffle.)

Paw prints! :-0

My room’s door handle is a bit broken and Truffle managed to get in this morning after her walk.
On the bright side, it gave me this fabulous idea for a cake… wouldn’t it be great to make a cake that was a bed, with the covers all messed up, and big splodgy doggy pawprints all over it, perhaps with a dog in the middle?

I’ve looked on the first few pages of Google images and I haven’t found one quite like this yet. What did turn up on the first page however, was someone who has made a cat litter cake… EWWWWWW

I rest my case. Cat people are ssttraaanngggeeee.

Anyway, in order to distract your mind from this yukky picture and back onto more savory items, here was our ingenious answer to a champagne cooler.


Thanks to Chloe for the champagne!

Not that there’s much savoury about this blog these days… sweets are the way to go in my mind! Of course, baking being my true passion. Speaking of which, I have sent off and received the application forms for Series 2 of the Great British Bake-Off! The problem being that filming is May-July, slap bang during exam period, plus there would be a lot of work developing my own recipes, practising stuff like bread and pastry making (which I’m not so good at at all). So I’m hovering currently. It’s at weekends after all. But then there’s also the problem that I don’t truly consider myself that talented at baking really… but I’d just worry about that after applying. Think I’ll take SARK‘s advice about ‘micromovements’ and start off by printing out the application form.

So back to my baking, and I was still in the Christmassy spirit still this week (after all, it is the 12th day of Christmas today I believe?) and made one of my favourite Christmas flavours, which I hadn’t been able to get hold of so far: Lebkuchen!


And they looked so fun! From my new baking biscuit BIBLE which is fantastic! But more about all my new recipe books next time. For now, a few things I would do differently next time, mainly to do with the texture.

Firstly, cut them thick enough! My recipe said makes 20, and I made about twice that, which suggests to me I made them about half as thin as they’re supposed to be. (Told you baking was a science!). Secondly, I’d take them out of the oven earlier. A joke I have made repeatedly is that they were a leettlee beeet over-kuchen really. Take them out a little before they look done! And finally, I didn’t have any ground cloves. But I think they might have been central to that original taste. Mine tasted a little too much like gingerbread.


But the decorating was fun I confess!

So for now, Happy New Year! And I hope that your true love has sent you… erm… 12 Lords a Leaping? Hmm, actually I don’t really, mine have eaten all the biscuits and are demanding tea in insatiable amounts…

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