13622570085_19028129c5_zDaffodils, little lambs, a few glimpses of sunshine and those crazy April Showers (more like random sleet/hail/thunder-storms!). One advantage to living in the middle of the countryside is that Spring’s arrival is completely unmissable… and I’m itching for some sunnier weather so that I can get the car up onto the drive and do some more work. Gertie is getting dusty in the garage!13622588165_d6b614b592_zI always end up making carrot cake for spring birthdays. Maybe it’s the unconsciousΒ thought of the Easter bunny‘s fondness of carrots! Carrot cake is made like a usual cake, but with the addition of a large amount of grated carrot and sunflower oil instead of butter, and lots of spices – cinnamon, nutmeg & gingerΒ are common. To the basic recipe I added some nuts – pistachio and flaked almonds (since I didn’t have that many of either!) – and chopped up pieces of crystallised ginger.13622745675_bae3000596_zI can barely make it to work at the moment when I have to contend with these cute little lambs every step through the field. They’re springing about all over the place among the daffodils… it’s just so idyllic! And they seem to quite like having their photo taken.13622632815_259625f670_zSpring is my favourite time of year. Those short, cold days are nearly a distant memory. Picnics and sunshine await!

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