Sunday night blog session time, and I have so much to share with you from this week that I don’t know where to start! I’m currently feeling the effects of having a manic, stressful but exciting week and then stopping suddenly, and feeling completely shattered and demotivated to do anything – even blog, since I don’t feel I can really do this week justice! However, since a picture says a thousand words, I’ll conserve my word-limit and give you a glimpse into my event of the year through pictures.My ‘event of the year’ is the second ever Warwick University chocolate workshop. Last year it was Easter themed and I taught people to make their own Easter eggs and truffles on two different evening sessions (with over 20 people at each!) and it was fantastic, but an absolute nightmare to organise on some levels. This year I had the inspiration of doing a Valentine’s workshop instead, making decorated hearts, which had the advantage of being more creative and less trouble (by avoiding moulding anything). The stress comes with ordering the right amounts of chocolate (I bought 15kg, that’s nearly a third of my weight!) and ingredients, covering the costs, getting enough interest, and…. finding a venue. The problem of all problems.

It’s hard enough to find a venue to host ANY food-related event on campus (usually we have to sneak food into rooms where technically we’re not supposed to have it) but this time we needed a kitchen we could actually use, and somewhere we could weild bowl-fuls of melted chocolate. And the administrator for the ideal kitchen & social space we used for our Mexican Night managed, after messing us about for a week, to cancel on us just before he went home for the weekend. This was, after we had advertised and started taking bookings. And I was left completely helpless until Monday. What a nightmare. Fortunately, a good friend had the inspiration of using a local church rooms. Cheap. Friendly. No health and safety issues. Had to move the event to the next day. But the show went on…

And I have to say, I’m so proud. Hosting something so successful which inspires people (even just those who are looking at the pictures on facebook afterwards!) and makes them laugh, doing something they would never otherwise have the opportunity to, makes me so happy! Much more so than any mark I could receive for an essay.

So there we have it… there was no need to worry in the end. The helping hands and enthusiastic participants made it all worth it.


And finally… Seb making sure that I stay calm during the evening’s events!


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