Caught drinking tea...
I’m not known as someone with a great capacity to relax. However, upon finding myself home for a week looking after the dog & my mum’s mail-order business, while my parents are away I’m actually really enjoying having a bit of down time.
So I spent today firstly going to the local “Pet Service” at the church with Truffle. An odd thing to do perhaps, especially on the 10th anniversary of 9/11! But everyone was very friendly, Truffle made some new friends (and growled at some Jack Russells), we had bacon sandwiches at the pub with everyone afterwards and a lovely walk in the sunshine.
Truffle's soppy spaniel eyes
After this I read the Sunday papers, drank lots of tea, had a nap (Truffle crept onto my bed and had one too!) and this evening tried to make Quorn taste like something edible for dinner. I sort of succeeded – using lots of chilli con carne spice mix. I don’t honestly understand the pretend-meat thing that much really, I’d prefer to cook vegetarian food with beans, vegetables, pasta, lentils, or one of hundreds of possibilities. But I’m on ‘eat through the freezer’ duty before we move house. So that’s that really!
I did a few useful things. Found an apartment I LOVE in La Rochelle, and faxed the office (I know, fax!). Emailed vodafone and a few other people. But mostly didn’t. And now I’m not going to do anything useful a bit more. And then go to bed. πŸ™‚
French fries, in French newspaper
Oh, but here’s some yummy comfort food that I wanted to try out. Well, the idea was what I liked, the food is simply very thin-cut potato chips, French Fries style, and wrapped in French newspaper. Well, why not! I may actually do a tutorial on making cones out of paper, very useful for piping bags as well as for holding things. Until then, enjoy your weekend.
French fries, in French newspaper
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