Apple Clafoutis
This week I sat outside a cafe opposite the towers of La Rochelle harbour, with my hot chocolate, at 5 in the evening, in glorious sunshine; I got my first ever 3G+ dongle so finally have internet; I visited the beach twice; successfully got two groups of 15-year-old students to make up recipes in English; managed to use the photocopier; got rained on and had a grumpy day where I decided I couldn’t understand French; bought some French knee-length boots; painted hearts onto my nails; ate at the trainee restaurant at the school and did a couple of drawings of La Rochelle.
Oh, and I made clafoutis in the microwave. Well, I tried to.
Tea & nail-painting
This is the recipe I used – it’s translated from a French recipe I found in a magazine. I was determined to bake something, and I thought this was fairly simple, you combine a few ingredients and pour it over apples and bake! Oh, and you can buy vanilla sugar in packets in France. This was exciting enough for me to try it out.
Journal Cooking Ideas
Unfortunately, the lack of a few items turned out to make this an exceedingly difficult task. Firstly, I bought a peeler. Secondly, I had no knife except a blunt table-knife which made slicing the apples interesting. Thirdly and rather more crucially, we have no scales. So, well, I kind of guessed the quantities. Fourthly as you know, we have no oven, just this “crisp” function on the microwave. So, for whatever reason(s), I’m not entirely sure this worked out as it should have done.
Apple Clafoutis
On the other hand it wasn’t that bad either! And I just loovee cooked apples – our microwave seems to cook things like potatoes & apples to perfection. The clafoutis might have even worked had it not stopped after 5 minutes for a few seconds, during which time I have a feeling it might have sunken and refused to reinflate.
So there we have it, another productive week largely without internet. I also finished my to-do list, did my washing and packed to go home for a short holiday. And I have to confess, I have already looked up a couple of recipes for when I get back… (ones that don’t require a microwave that is!).
Apple Clafoutis
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