There are certain prerequisites for productive days. One – sustenance.

I got really into the whole doughnut thing after my custard-filled snitch successes. So this time I decided to make ‘Homer-Simpson Donuts‘ – pink-glazed ring, admittedly a few of them rather squished, deep-fried doughnuts. Who cares if they’re squished? It’s not like they’re going to last more than 5 minutes.

The other necessity for a productive week: coffee. Preferably with friends, where possible.

These cute photos are from my London trip last weekend! My old housemates & I went to ‘Fleet River Kitchen’ bakery just after a visit to the tiny, eccentric John Soanes Museum. Definitely one for the cafΓ© map!

So then… repeat this process.

Doughnuts may be substituted with exceedingly indulgent chocolate cake (Hummingbird cake book recipe!). I invented a special icing for this cake – I had left-over custard, but not very much, so I made a ganache (i.e. chocolate melted in hot cream) and mixed it in with the custard. It created something incredible when smothered over chocolate cake.

Coffee may also be of the Turkish variety – which will give you a boost with its strength & sugar content!

Zombie doughnut, aarrggghh!

And finally, a silly spaniel to keep you feeling cheerful at the end of a productive day is always a bonus. And reminds you that productivity isn’t everything of course.

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