Good ol' toad in the hole...
Time for me to prove to you that I still pop into the kitchen from time to time!!
Now who doesn’t love a bit of classic toad in the hole? (non-pork eaters will have to imagine with veggie sausages…) I think that it’s a perfect student dish that is under-appreciated, but if you do decide to make it, I’m going to tell you how to do it properly.
Firstly, you need a really HOT oven. I have a problem here. Our oven is crap. Have I ever mentioned that? No matter… you can get around this. Just turn it up to pretty hot, I had mine at gas mark 78.
Cook your sausages until they’re about 3/4 done. When they are nearly there, whisk up a batter with a bit of Delia’s help – all it is, is plain flour, egg, water and milk basically.
Here’s the important bit. Take your sausages out of the oven and put your roasting tray (which needs to have high enough edges to hold the batter) over the hob, turned on to a medium heat, and put a general slop of oil into the tray – a couple of tablespoons worth. When the oil is really hot, pour in the batter mix and shove it all in the oven. DON’T be tempted to open the door too often – people check on their food every 5 minutes and peer at it with the door wide open, wondering why it isn’t cooking quick enough. Give it 15 minutes or so before you check.
And voilà. Provided you only put a shallow amount of batter mix in – you don’t want a thick, stodgy mix that doesn’t cook – and the oil is really hot you’ll have great yorkshires. So simple! Just add mashed potato, peas and gravy… mmmm…
And if you’re really lazy, tesco does a batter mix (add egg + water) for 8p. But don’t tell anyone I said that.
Stay tuned for some fun stuff coming soon… some videos from the Valentine’s chocolate workshop in February and forages and finds’ first ever giveaway!
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