Seb turned to me this weekend and asked, ‘are there any biscuits to go with this cup of tea?‘ (he probably did say thanks for the tea first actually, but this question was still rather adamant). Seb & me eat a lot of tea & biscuits. For our everyday biscuit we like a classic malted milk. If I can’t decide what to buy they’re brilliant… perfect for dipping in tea & usually less than 50p for a pack. My go-to biscuit as they say. Although I am a big of a secret ginger-nut fan too. But they get a little more stuck in your teeth!

Gooey Cookies

Anyways, the point is we had no biscuits in the house… anywhere! I did happen to notice a big pack of ginger-nuts tucked into my mum’s basket just before my parents went on holiday for the week. Hmm, the culprit clearly shares my taste in biccies. Well I didn’t like to disappoint Seb, so I decided to whisk together some cookies that we could take to the festival with us in the afternoon, while he was watching the football. My quickest ever cookie making… they were done before the tea was cold! Another rather classic treat that everyone should have a recipe for.

Gooey Cookies
(I think my outfit it rather cookie-coloured in fact! Must have had them on the brain that day.)

This is a great recipe, it makes a perfectly gooey & chewy classic cookie. You can add whatever fillings you like… my original is in ounces, because it makes the quantities really simple to remember!

Classic Cookies

1. Cream Together: 6oz (170g) butter, 6oz (170g) brown sugar & 4oz (115g) granulated sugar
2. Beat In: 2 eggs & a few drops of vanilla essence. Add the eggs gradually to help it mix together really well.
3. Add the Flour: You need 10oz (285g) plain flour mixed with 1 tsp baking powder… and you want to add it gently, folding it in with a metal spoon.
Β  Β  Β  –> Make it your own! Add your favourite fillings… I used chunks of candied pineapple and chocolate chips! But you can add Smarties, M&Ms, peanut butter, pretzels… get as inventive as you like!
4. Grease some Baking Sheets: then spoon on teaspoonfuls of the mixture, leaving a few cm between each one. No need to flatten them out, this will happen as they bake!
5. Bake: at 180 degrees C for about 10-15 mins. This is the important bit… don’t overcook them. Take them out just as they start to go golden brown and they will firm up as they cool off – this will give you a gooey cookie!
Gooey Cookies

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