Just a sneak peak at the creative things I’m working on at the moment. Also, on my window-sill is an array of re-potted cuttings and seedlings to take to uni with me. Starting to simultaneously get excited about going back to university and already feeling the imminent loss of creativity, which I’m going to try and prevent happening this year.

Life in the Cotswolds can send you a little stir-crazy at times! A friend asked me what happens when I go stir-crazy and the best answer I could come up with was that it’s when I start walking around the house like a dinosaur to amuse the dog, or offer to collect my brother from his friend’s house just to get out of the house… On the flip side though, I’ve had some great times this summer with really good friends, have had time to do some creative projects and most importantly time to give myself the space I needed to be myself for a while. I think that you really can’t hide from who you are when you spend 3 months in the countryside without a routine.

Soaking up the sunlight
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