In all my crafting and DIY-ing there is one thing that has never previously featured on this blog, and that’s wool (unless you count my Aslan Narnia-themed party hoodie!). This is because up until recently my experience of knitting consisted of overly tight finickity frustrated fumbles and crochet, well that’s an old English garden sport isn’t it..?

However, after successfully creating a circular rug using a giant crochet hook it had been on my mind to try and learn properly for a while. Then the evenings were becoming rapidly dark and cold, I had lots of job applications to write, and the time seemed right to give crochet a go.

After becoming rather frustrated to start with, I switched to learning with my left hand, and suddenly seemed to get on much better with it! Being on a tight budget right now, I also found a number of cheap or free ways to get started. I sat for an evening with a very cheap Kindle book on the basic stitches which served me well, and made little lines of stitching as I tried to get the hang of the tension. Then, once I had ‘mastered’ these, I downloaded this free ‘Granny Square App‘ which releases a different free granny square pattern each week. Since they’re small, it has been a great way to practise lots of different patterns & stitches!


I noticed that you could get the first two issues of Simply Crochet for free from iTunes and started to become totally… ‘hooked’, although I’m not quite advanced enough yet to make the beautiful tunisian crochet scarf on the cover. I saw a back-issue that looked really good and searched for it for a while – after all it featured a hat & scarf wrap with bear ears on the cover!

After downloading and signing up to the Zinio Reader on my tablet, to my surprise they sent me an £8 voucher a short while later because I hadn’t bought anything. So… I bought the back issue I liked and I found an article on how to make fingerless bobble gloves (and welly socks)… which has been my ongoing in-front-of-the-fire project for the past couple of weeks. I’ve been using some beautiful wool I bought in the summer, with the intentions of learning to knit at some point (well, that’s still an intention for now!).


The only not-so-budget part of the story is the wool! Which mysteriously seems to pile up once you get into something like this… and I now have no excuse not to get on with making a blanket. Something tells me I won’t get bored this winter!

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