Crocodile Swamp Meal :D
Nowadays, my mum bakes all of our bread at home in large, deliciously home-cooked batches of fluffy, crusty goodness… I am not going to pretend that I (yet) have that talent. However, I did rather randomly have the urge to relive my childhood a little bit, from the days when we used to make animal breads together from our ancient ‘Home Baking’ recipe book! Seb’s plan to make soup was the perfect excuse.
And since he was making a green soup I got a little childish and make a crocodile to go in the ‘swamp’. Tehe.
Animal breads!!
I made some little hedgehoggy-things too, albeit rather quickly since it was getting a little late. To make these breads I simply mixed a ciabatta & Hovis white bread mix, added water & followed the usual instructions to make bread, then shaped them and used scissors to get the scaly/prickly effect! I think my mixture was a little on the soft size for making into animals. Seb’s soup is made from spinach & watercress, garlic, chilli (about 4 extra hot ones, hehe!), stock and a little crème fraiche.
Salmon & Rosti Dinner
I also couldn’t resist sharing last night’s food…. it’s one of our favourite meals & yet so simple. Salmon (with marinade of soy sauce, oil, lemon & thyme) on a potato rosti (grated potato, spring onion & seasoning) and some baby asparagus which we grilled. Very simple, but a real treat – the salmon was on half-price!Ah, it’s nice to be back in England with its supermarket deals & access to baking. I have so many plans of things to make still….

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