I think Dario’s t-shirt sums up croissant-making pretty aptly. We both went pretty crazy when we had to bash a block of butter into a flat rectangle and roll it into our dough! Some might be put off pastries upon seeing the incredible quantity of butter which goes inside. We just got hungry.

You can see the butter trying to ooze out of one corner here… it was pretty difficult not to end up with a massive greasy buttery mess all over the counter top. For a first attempt I think we did pretty well! You build up the layers in your croissant pastry by sandwiching butter into the center of the dough and then repeatedly rolling it out and folding it up again until you have a beautiful, layered, cholesterol-inducing, heavenly substance, which is then refrigerated again for a while…

The dough needed to be rolled out to 140cm long, and as Dario pointed out, “That’s almost Charlie-length” so we used a rather rudimentary method to measure!

Then comes the fun part… shaping your croissants! You slice the dough horizontally down the middle and cut bunting-like triangles out to get the base. And finally you roll from the wide end to the point, curl around the ends and you have croissant!

After another period of time to let them rise, you bake them in a very hot oven. Then you brew some coffee, eat as many as you can, and don’t think about your arteries clogging up with all that wonderful butter.

Oh, and if you possibly can, you freeze a few before baking them… separately on a tray first and then pop them in a bag. That’s breakfast sorted for the next few weeks!I’m planning to make these again soon (funnily enough not many of them made it out of Dario’s house!) and I’m looking forward to having a go at some pain au chocolat and pain au raisins too. I’d probably better get running again then hadn’t I?

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