Dissertation Art Journal

I’ve been wondering recently whether it is really rather abnormal that during the academic year I work hard consistently, and then during the run-up to exams I get stressed out and lose momentum and struggle with revising… most students seem to be the other way around! I’d be interested to know if anyone else ever feels this way. Of course, I try and turn these types of thoughts around too… another perspective on the matter would be to say that my consistent hard work continues at a reasonable pace, I have no need to throw myself into 24/7 panic mode as I have a good grounding in what I have learned, and can pace myself, take the odd lie-in, that sort of thing.

It may sound obvious, but I have to remind myself things such as this every day during these periods. In view of the fact that I don’t have one of these fantasticย Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ‘Don’t Panic’ tablet cases for my Acer, I have to find other reminders to stay calm. One of these is to actually write down these thought-reversing ideas, as mentioned above, and if I’m feeling particularly creative, I do this in my art journal. The pages above are actually on dissertation-writing… I have (thankfully!) handed mine in, but I thought that as a lot of people are writing their dissertations currently, it would be a good time to share!

A last note… and which may require its own journal page sometime soon… is that if you find that you’re constantly worrying about the next big hurdle, it’s very important to remember the last hurdles you have completed and how well you did to get to the end of them (and maybe even got a good grade if it was academic work!). I’m terrible at doing this, but I must remember the 2-year period from beginning to end of my dissertation, and remember that I got through it, and was proud of the result.

That’s my thought of the day! And above all, make sure you know where your towel is.

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