Bottle Vase
I discovered a market stall in La Rochelle’s Wednesday market which sells the most breathtaking collection of dried and fresh flowers and vowed to go back and treat myself to a bunch sometime. So this week I did exactly that – just a teeny bunch for €2,50 to brighten up my room. My room which is now rather bright actually. Doing a post soon on what I have done to my little white box room to cheer it up! But here is a step-by-step guide to how I made a little vase, after realising I didn’t have anything remotely resembling one!

Bottle Vase  
Bottle VaseBottle Vase 
But what to do if you have extremely low resources, or low resource fund? 1. All you need for this one is a plastic bottle roughly the size you want, and a magazine. First tear off the label from the bottle. 2. Cut the top half of your bottle off, measuring the height you want using your flowers. 3. Find a page from the magazine which inspires you – I liked these autumn leaves, as their colours were complimentary.
Bottle VaseBottle VaseBottle Vase

3. Fold your page down to the size where it will wrap around the bottle. You can leave the edges folded rather than cut them as it adds a bit of strength. 4. I decided to cut the top edge into a scalloped pattern! 5. Wrap the page around the bottle, sticking it at the back with the tacky part of the plastic, which used to hold the label on!

There you have it! Simple, but brightened up my day a little.
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