Following on from my previous DIY this month, foraged teabags, here’s another teeny wedding-present project that I’ve been meaning to have a go at for a while – DIY Teacup Candles. Everyone on the internet is doing them it seems, but this time my crafty inspiration was not from Pinterest but from my mother (although that happens surprisingly often!) who took to melting down old candles which had wicks deeply and irreversibly embedded in them, and pouring them into teacups collected from charity shops.

Her advice on the project was that using wax-dipped string didn’t work very well, so I did a bit of internet-scouring before attempting this particular DIY. What I learned was that you could easily buy pre-waxed wicks, and that chopsticks secured together with elastic bands made an excellent device for holding them upright while the wax cools. Melt your candleΒ wax in a glass bowl over hot water (also known as a ‘bain marie’) rather than directly over the heat, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil combinations, and instead of buying expensive candle colourings… simply melt a bit of wax crayon into the mix! The brilliant things you learn through the interwebs. I melted down some glitter wax crayons (pushing the boat out!!) but alas… the glitter is a little heavy and sinks.

They may not be too original, but teacup candles are undeniably pretty. And mine have secret glittery bottoms… what more could you want?


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