There has been a lot of foraging and cooking going on this week, so it’s time to share some foraged furniture with you! This is in fact a project I created last summer… but whenever I move home with all my stuff, it becomes submerged and un-photographable. So I finally got around to, erm, shoving all my stuff to the other end of the room, and snapping a few pretty photos!
Map Desk DIY
It’s painted with nice quality (Farrow & Ball) furniture paint, as this means it will last a long time and have a nice finish. I made the mistake of using some kind of outdoor paints the first time and had to do a second paint job! Then I PVA’d some maps (selecting the more interesting areas of the country, e.g. national parks!) to the inside of the legs and drawers, painting a coat of glue over the top as well to finish.
Map Desk DIY

Quite a difference from the original desk… I had looked for a while for a nice desk but most were really expensive as ‘vintage style’ is now really fashionable. This one was Β£10 in a charity shop… but I knew it had potential! I took off the mirror (I think it was a kids’ dressing table)…

Upcycled desk project

I also removed the heart-shaped handles. Really not a fan. And I picked up some cute odd new ones from Anthropologie (yes, they cost more than the desk itself – but worth it). Make sure if you do a similar project you thoroughly sand down the desk first so that the paint takes well.

Desk upcycle project

It fits so perfectly into my room! And looks lovely with just a few books and flowers – I might try and keep it this way for a while. I didn’t clear my noticeboard though. That would just be completely unrealistic.
Map Desk DIY

You can see my paint-dipped chair project here.
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