Truffle & her toys
(Truffle isn’t impressed)
Perhaps because it was Friday 13th, or perhaps because a black cat crossed my path, or perhaps it’s just sod’s law but just in time for my first ever competition/blog giveaway Blogger went down & deleted all comments/posts made after a couple of days ago. Unfortunately most of the competition comments are missing, but Blogger says that they are trying to get them back, so fingers crossed! See: Blogger Buzz: Blogger is back
In the meantime, I will extend my competition to close on Sunday, midnight, and feel free to re-post your comments if you’re worried, or leave one if you hadn’t already.
Catch the fun review my house-mates and I did for Dorset Cereals’ ‘Good Honest Crunch’ and be in with a chance of winning a case of cereal and Dorset Cereals crockery!
Back with more posts soon… including a new bake-off next week, ooh the possibilities…
**** PS. I meant to also say THANK YOU for all the lovely comments… I mean, I know you’re just doing it because you want cereal (hehe! well, perhaps you have been lying in wait to make your contribution here really!), but it’s really nice to hear what you have to say! I have enjoyed every comment 😀 *************
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