Elderflower & season

If you want to get into foraging, this is your week. Although quite easy to muddle up with cow parsley & other white flowers out at the moment, you only have to do a little studying and recognize the smell to find wild elderflowers! So far I have made 15 litres of this simple ‘champagne’ this year, and I’m hoping to make more… I have simply run out of bottles for now!

Elderflower & poppy season

The Cotswolds is stunning right now – colourful flowers everywhere you look, baby squirrels and baby woodpeckers in the the garden, fêtes preparing in every village to fill each summer weekend, perfect weather to drive and listen to music with an open-top smart car really!

Elderflower champagne making
(my little decanting area, in our messy utility room)
Elderflower & poppy season
I don’t even need to leave the garden to find any – which makes this not-so-wild foraging I suppose! It has crept across the still shining summerhouse that I spent last summer painting up, and over my mum’s beautiful handmade willow fences… (see her blog, Fothergills Inc. for such things).

Recipe: Mix 1 gallon of water, the flowers from 3 elderflower heads (I wash them thoroughly, then pull the flowers off with a fork), 700g of caster sugar, the juice of 1 lemon and 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar. Give it a stir so the sugar dissolves and leave it for 24 hours.

Then strain the mixture, through muslin cloth or kitchen roll & a sieve, into plastic bottles, leaving a bit of space at the top – when it becomes fizzy it will expand a little. Just wait two weeks and you have your own heavenly sparkling elderflower champagne! 

One last note: Make sure you let the pressure out of the bottles every now and again, you really don’t want to lose an eye if you undo one a couple of months later… Or leave a burning circle in your hand like I did when unscrewing one of these extremely pressurized caps!

New ideas I’d like to try:

… Champagne will always be my favourite though. ♥

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