I’ve never been a big fan of the artificial, chemical odour of air fresheners that puff out strange lemony fresh particles into the room, and am rather the perhaps slightly irritating opener of windows to keep rooms fresh – not really minding things getting a bit chillier, and fortunately living rurally enough to not have the house robbed every time I accidentally forget to close one!

For a while now I’ve been collecting together a few essential and carrier oils in order to make my own soaps and hair products. I had a go at making a fairly successful liquid hand soap concoction, but I do find that a lot of the ‘recipes’ still require obscure ingredients that I either haven’t found yet, or aren’t too cheap to buy and so I’m collecting bit by bit.

This week, most probably while browsing Pinterest, I discovered that making a homemade oil dcream-team-campden-coffee-companyiffuser is actually incredibly easy. Funnily enough the only ingredient I didn’t have was vodka! I clearly don’t live a wild enough lifestyle for such hobbies. You barely even need instructions for this – it’s just around 2:1 carrier oil (such as almond, jojobaΒ or grapeseed oil) to vodka and a good few drops of your favourite essential oil combinations.

Lacking vodka I had a look around the place to see what else could be used, and I happened across a bottle of white spirit – which according to the internets could be a substitute. In hindsight, I’m not sure that this is ideal as white spirit isn’t very odourless. So I ended up drowning the smell in lavender essential oil which is strong, and vanilla, which is my favourite (and lavender on its own is a bit much). Once you have your potion ready, snip the sharp ends off a number of bamboo skewers and pop them into a nice small (non-tippy!) jar with the oils. And then the really important part – leave it a few hours or overnight, and then turn the skewers the other way up. And voila… fresh and non-toxic! (ish… still not sure about the white spirit thing!).

Also… here’s a delicious cream tea I had today. I was lucky enough to have a day off work with glorious sunshine, and some time to do some tidying, small DIY projects and go for tea at the Campden Coffee Company and sit with Fred the dog for a bit!

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