Acme Bomb Cake Pops

The ridiculous and hilariously violent Looney Tunes were a staple of my ’90s childhood television watching, and our family cartoon of choice. We even once went to a live performance at Cardiff Millennium Centre of the cartoons played with a full orchestra, and the original slide guitar, providing all of the music and sound effects – truly one of the best things I’ve ever watched! As a children’s TV show it didn’t appear to have much educational value, it was just good old-fashioned smug characters pushing unlikable enemies with unfortunate speech impediments off cliffs and then getting their comeuppance in the form of a disguised stick of dynamite, or similar. Hang on, how did this stuff ever make it onto the TV?

Wile E Coyote in Looney Tunes cartoon Daily Mail Picture Desk grabWalking_Lit_Stick_of_Dynamite

Well anyway, ACME explosives company were an integral feature of family humour, and it just so happens that my mother’s job these days is in an environment that deals with explosives. You can imagine the ridiculous puns that ensue on a daily basis. Since it’s her birthday today, we spent an entire afternoon yesterday (at her suggestion!) creating a bomb-themed cake to take into work to share with her colleagues. Cake pops are never a simple thing to make… but the overall effect of this family effort gets the general idea across rather well don’t you think? Also… here are a couple of photos of the cake in situe this morning, in the office!

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