I sense that this post needs little explanation. At the end of a week which consisted of far too much work and far too little cooking, I had a little fun on Sunday in preparation for a surprise birthday party for a friend who is, needless to say, a huge Dr. Who fan. Logical solution: make a cake in the shape of a Dalek! The mini-Daleks have teacakes for heads, an idea I gleaned from google images. Speaking of which, the Dalek cakes on google images are something else entirely…



The centre was made up of a layered, chocolate and white chocolate mud cake. Yum. However, when I made the structure I got a bit over-excited and sandwiched them together with buttercream when they were still warm. Oops. It all started sliding apart. Thankfully it held with a couple of cocktail sticks, but its amazing how difficult it is to make a dalek shape! Rolled icing would probably have been neater than buttercream, but this Dalek has character.


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