Garden parties are one of the best ways to enjoy the end of the summer, especially when you’re graced with golden evening sunlight, are warmed by a bonfire or chiminea, and have good food and company. I always get rather excited for organising parties and use the opportunity to make themed decorations and food, as you may have gathered by now (see my Morris Traveller biscuits…)! Pinterest is one of my favourite sites for this – you can create pinboards of DIY projects, recipes, outfits and themed settings. On one occasion I was particularly on the hunt for streamers – I’d seen the local primary school earlier in the year tie strips of torn fabric to a line to create simple but very effective decorations for their music festival ‘Rollright Rocks’.streamers_rollrightdiy-streamer-fabric-upcycled2After considering a few ideas, I settled on using an old superglued embroidery hoop I had lying around (it’s always good to start with the things you have – that’s what foraging is all about!), and used some plain string tied in three places to hang it was simply a case of tearing up strips of fabric from my rather large and never-used box of scraps, and tying them around the hoop. My version used thin strips of white and green fabrics, and Dom’s is a more vibrant, chunky pink and purple occasion. diy-streamer-fabric-upcycled-pineconeI also hung a few extra things to mine to give it a more ‘mobile’-like appearance: pine cones tied with thread, and some old tennis balls covered in papier maché torn-up final touch was to add some of Ikea’s finest battery powered fairy lights. You can never have too many fairy lights in my opinion, and these mobiles looked so pretty strung up outside, glowing and waving in the wind as the sun went down.

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