It’s great to be busy, whether that means productive busy or fun busy or planning busy, or a mix, I’m generally a happier person with lots on my plate (figuratively, but also literally now we come to mention it!). It also means that those stolen moments in the sunshine, preferably in my favourite position in the garden perched on the swingseat with a good book, are even sweeter.

florals4a florals5

In the moments when I have put down my book in favour of catching up on what the interwebs have to say, one of my favourite ways to unwind is to browse Pinterest for its design, style, food and photography inspiration… it’s always such an uplifting bundle of images. And I find myself hankering after those rustic wooden, reclaimed rooms full of old books and sparse furnishings that are undeniably highly fashionable right now. However I think my current style is somewhat busier than this!


As much as I’d love to incorporate a few more earthy tones into my future spaces, I have to admit that I’m always drawn to bright colours and as many mismatched prints as I can get away with! My room features a lot of blues, from stripes to anchor prints, but my kitchen crockery definitely has a more floral focus, which is the centre of my little photo shoot today! Even the tea is rose flavoured black tea, and the cake is a lemon drizzle recipe to which I frequently add a handful of dried lavender if I have it…


I hadn’t realised how much of a fan of florals I am… (down to my toes!) but then I do love to spend time outdoors in riotously coloured gardens and meadows and anything that reminds me of this is bound to cheer up my surroundings! Speaking of feeling optimistic…  my eternally opportunist spaniel appears to think she might get cake in return for posing for a photo! Dream on Truffle!


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