Pixar’s ‘Brave’ is well known for a number of things… for featuring an unconventionally self-reliant animated princess, being directed by a woman, being one of the linchpins of the Pixar Theory … but I’m not here to talk about profound things. I’m here to talk about cake.

Three somewhat small but undeniably entertaining characters of the film are the naughty ginger triplets – Harris, Hubert & Hamish. Their constant hankering over these miniature cakes is a mischievous obsession which ultimately leads them to be magically transformed into bear cubs by accident. Which is the moral of my blog post – don’t eat too much cake, you might turn into a bear.

I have been in the mood recently to try out a few new recipes, so I gave an iced-bun recipe from my Great British Bake-Off cookbook a go… but instead of making iced fingers I shaped them into little cartoon buns with cherries on top!

Obviously these aren’t quite ‘true’ Brave cakes, because I added cream & jam to the middle. But come on, since when was cream an inappropriate addition to… anything? Exactly.

Speaking of trios… I used up some of the huge quantity of foraged jam I made a few weeks ago, which consists of apples, plums & elderberries. And due to its large, medium & small fruit contents it is now known as Three Bears Jam. Completely logical, as always. Incidentally, this was quite a good way to use some of the jam that didn’t set very well… nothing goes to waste around here!


Since I don’t have too many profound philosophical conclusions to draw this evening, apart from 1) be thankful that you’re not a princess, 2) beware of bewitched cakes  and 3) don’t waste jam, I’ll leave you with the wisdom of Princess Merida:

There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.

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