Pear biscuits

Baking has long been an obsession of mine, but yesterday I took a step in a new direction. Inspired by a packet of fantastic pear-fondant-filled biscuits from a French supermarket (damn the French and their good-tasting supermarket food!) I have decided I want to figure out how to make them. It’s going to take a while, but here are the results of the first attempt.They are a sablΓ© biscuit base (which I have never made before) with a layer of pear fondant and which have been dipped in chocolate. Considering the severely diminished number of biscuits left when I came to take a photo the next morning, they’re not too bad! But the pear fondant needs to be much thicker and, incidentally, to taste of pear. And the biscuit base thinner, and cooked more evenly. Plus, if I make a good batch I’ll probably dip it in good quality chocolate!

For now, I still have plenty of pear purΓ©e left (after a specific trip to Waitrose) and as soon as these disappear… Pear SablΓ© Mark 2 will begin.

Today is a grey, rainy, autumnal day but this morning my new Toast catalogue arrived. I only order it because I love the pictures and cut them up for my journal. This one particularly encapsulated my current thoughts:

Thought bubble
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