Read-on for information about how you can WIN a whole case of Good Honest Crunch and some lovely Dorset Cereals crockery!!
Dorset Cereals Tasting

Soo.. this is an exciting post, and I have kept you waiting long enough! I had a hilarious time with my house-mates last night reviewing the latest Dorset Cereals creation… “Good Honest Crunch”. It was a little odd having cereal after dinner time, but it does at least prove that this is enjoyable at any time of day!

Let me first introduce you to the reviewers…

First off we have “Miss Good”, the exemplar of all things good, and in prime position to judge the integrity of our two cereals:

Dorset Cereals Tasting
Second up is “Ms. Honest”, down-to-earth and pragmatic individual or mercilessly frank and insensitive? Depends who you ask… :
Dorset Cereals Tasting
Finally I introduce “Mademoiselle La Crunch”. Not to be trifled with, she gets down to business and gives us the lowdown on the moment of munch:
Dorset Cereals Tasting
After some serious munching of both Good Honest Crunch ‘Strawberries and Raspberries’ & ‘Toffee & Pecans’ and a few squabbles over who had eaten the most strawberries we eventually managed to come to some considered conclusions while avoiding any heated disagreements ending in cereal-bowl face-dunking or suchlike…
Dorset Cereals Tasting
So here is our ‘Come Dine with Me’-style review out of ten for each area!
We all loved the cereal, the fact that it wasn’t overly sweet and the flavours being our favourite features. It wasn’t overly crunchy but and nice texture in the mouth, though it had perhaps gone a little soggy after we had faffed about for a while! Our only real complaint would be the bag inside that contains the cereal – both times opening it caused it to split down the sides and leak a lot of cereal into the box. But it definitely got the student thumbs-up!
Dorset Cereals Tasting
How would YOU like to get your hands on no less than 8 boxes, 4 of each flavour, plus some of the lovely Dorset Cereals crockery shown below, just leave a comment on this post to say hello, and tell me what you normally have for breakfast!
You have until midnight Saturday 14th, after the weekend I shall select a winner at random… I can’t wait to hear from some of my lovely readers, remember this is just a small blog so do leave a comment and you’re in with a great chance of free breakfast for the next few months!
*I have changed the comments feature so hopefully anyone can post now, not just people with accounts.
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