[Above] Something I have been meaning to share with you for a while now… some drawings! To stay on the usual theme of food, the top image is a painting from our kitchen by local artist Primrose Wright and beneath is my little still life painting of the ingredients for a vegetable curry that I made! (Primrose’s picture is called “Winter Soup”). And thirdly, you have the latest pages from my dad’s sketchbook which is a similar idea as well (we tend to share ideas a lot) from his visual research on the Cotswolds.
I feel like I’ve had rather a lot to contend with over the past couple of weeks, and things are still a bit up in the air… (especially re: food society valentines workshop) organising, being messed about by venues, trying to please others, time pressure, changing plans, keeping up with work, worrying about the near future – even to the point where I spilt spaghetti all over my favourite skirt (just after asking someone for a mark out of 10 for my amazingly neat spaghetti-eating…) got a bit fed up with it all and went into a major huff for a while.

I get bored of huffs quickly though. It’s not really my thing. Probably because it involves sitting still.

But what I can say for huff-inducing weeks is that when you get that 74% in an assessed essay, it seems so much better. And when your boyfriend takes pity on you and pulls you out of bed for a lovely shopping day and lunch (and krisy kremes of course!) in Birmingham, and then you have an evening at home on your own with some detoxifying risotto and salad, an hour-long bath while watching QI and rubbish TV, before snuggling up to watch Sebastian Faulks’ new program about classic books, with tea and popcorn… you reach a state of relaxation which may not otherwise have been possible without having stomped through so much muddy business.

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