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Homemade tea bags! Something I’ve been wanting to make ever since I saw it on ‘A Beautiful Mess’ – one of my favourite blogs. I finally decided that they would make a sweet wedding present. You can make your own teabags with any leaf tea mixes, but I thought that the most fun thing to do would be to go a step further and dry my own tea leaves too. These are a mix of dogΒ rose petals, ground ivy, andΒ lemon balm which have been dried out with a very useful dehumidifier! Then mixed together and folded cleverly into a slightly trimmed coffee filter. I’m not entirely sure how well the coffee filters will allow these quite subtle leaves to infuse the water though… they may end up needing to be removed from the packaging. I’ll have to get back to you on that one!

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I can report that the tea mix is delicious however. It comes out like a mild green tea. Lemon balm is supposed to have de-stressing qualities, and ground ivy was traditionally used to counter headaches. Which makes this a good post-wedding calming tea! I need some of this for myself this month… August is always so fun yet exhausting. Here are a few peaceful photos from my wanderings…

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