Wow, exhausted but happy after surviving a long day in London, a whole day & night of salsa in Birmingham, then making my deadlines for an assessed essay plus applying for a language assistantship (in Nantes!)…

So just providing you with a few titbits from my trip to the East London Design Show (and cafΓ© hopping in the surrounding area!) and then voyage to the South bank’s “Real Food Christmas Market”. Finally, you can see my new obsession in the form of pain au chocolat, filled with pear and then toasted. So. Good.

Off to Birmingham’s renowned Christmas Frankfurter market tomorrow. And then more cooking once I’ve survived week 10. πŸ™‚



The place that taught me about pain au chocolat and pear…


Hot chocolate is what I went to buy, and orange, cardamom and clove hot chocolate is what I had from Jaz & Jul’s stall.


Mmm, this is what I had for dinner – chilli risotto wrap. Delicious!

A piaggio van! Of course! Ahhh dream on…

Apparently the co-op doesn’t do pain au chocolat at 8 in the morning. However, a croissant with chocolate and pear still works, and I highly recommend this to warm a winter lunchtime.

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